Our Company

  • Inventrax

    Inventrax is a leader in Information and Operations Technology (IT/OT) solutions for Manufacturing, Distribution and Logistics sectors, leading to smart manufacturing and 4th Industrial revolution.

    Inventrax products effectively address the track and traceability needs of industry by closing the information gaps that exist in disparate ERP's.

    Based in Visakhapatnam the port city on the east coast of India, Inventrax constantly focus on research and development in emerging technologies to meet the growing needs of businesses. Inventrax stands unique by providing cost-effective quality solutions to customers that suit their business model.

  • Vision

    Be among the foremost product development enterprises in Value Chain Transformation.

  • Purpose

    Help clients win their digital future by designing and building next generation value chain IT products

  • Value

    1. Design thinking approach towards solving a problem
    2. Reliability
    3. Professional Integrity

  • Product positioning

    Our product positioning by operational orientation

Key benefits of our solutions
  • 1Increase Product Safety Standards
  • 2Increase Productivity
  • 3Increase Operational Transparency
  • 4Improve Data Accuracy
  • 5Meet government and compliance mandates
  • 6Reduce Non-Conformance and Customer Recalls