Falcon Shop Floor Tracker(FSFT)

Falcon Shop Floor Tracker (FSFT) Is a shop floor tracking software that allows a manufacturing unit to have control on shop floor activities, capture process data and monitor real-time production status. This tool validates material and process flow, captures quality parameters and hence make a production control more efficient.

Can also be interpreted as a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that helps resource planning and optimization based on real-time data.


Our clients credit us for our breakthrough technology in the automation industry.

I would recommend Inventrax to any Manufacturing company, because their PCS system has been consistently reliable with our critical production lines and high valued inventory. It has improved our productivity across the entire operations.


We appreciate that every industry has its own unique challenges, from highly acute accuracy in the supply chain to on-time shipping and deliveries. We can finely tailor our solutions, technology, and processes to meet the specific needs of complex industries.

Key Benefits of Our Solution

Inventrax products effectively address the track and traceability needs of industry by closing the information gaps that exist in disparate ERP's.


Floor Activities Visibility

Effective management and real-time visibility of shop floor activities


Resource Optimization

Increase yield along with product quality


Improved Efficiency

Improve operator and machinery efficiencies


Efficient Heterodoxy

Efficient Non-Conformance Management


Data Managment

Electronically captures and tracks detailed engineering and operational data


Resources Avalability Tracking

Eliminate wastages throughout production, checks for – machine, material, worker, tool availability


Paperless Management

Paperless shop floor and material dispatch management


Accessable in Multiple Systems

Error free auto data capture through barcode , RFID and SCADA systems


Accurate KPI's

Bird’s eye view of overall production with Dashboards, KPI reporting


Data Analytics

Provides historical data analysis and reporting for product and process improvements


Data Accuracy

Rapid, accurate data collection enables error free data collection and access to real-time business intelligence across all areas of production